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Cloud Spotted in Ayrshire thanks to Nexus!

Posted on Friday 6th March 2015 16:05 by linda.d

Nexus Web Design are proud to be the first Ayrshire based web design company to roll out Cloud Hosting as standard for our customers.

We have migrated all of our V2 clients over to a Cloud Hosting system already, with the remaining clients from our V1 moving over to the platform later this month.

Our clients will now benefit from this state of the art hosting environment that is faster, more stable and more secure than that offered by many of our competitors.

Key Features 

Auto-scaling: We spawn new servers when your websites are busy to ensure maximum performance and then shut down when things are quiet which offers great performance in the most cost effective way.

Content Delivery Network: Static content such as images, style sheets and Javascript are served from a dedicated network designed and optimised specifically to deliver this type of content. This leaves our front end web servers to focus on delivering your web pages to clients.

Full Load Balancing: During peaks in traffic to your website traditional web servers can become saturated and overworked leading to a slow down in performance. Our load balancing technology ensures that should one of our cloud servers become even just slightly overworked we will able to relieve the pressure and ensure your website keeps performing.

One Year Backup: That's right... We back up all our clients data for up to 1 year, so should you lose some important information from your website and don't notice at first we can retrieve this for you.

Impressed? Well wait to you hear this...

We have been providing low cost, professional hosting for all our website clients for many years now and this latest enhancement to our platform has been rolled out at no additional cost to our clients. That's right... our hosting remains at only £5.99 a month (£12.99 for e-commerce websites).

So if you are paying more than you feel you should or you are not getting the level of service your business deserves from your current website provider please contact us today. We will keep your business connected!