Web Design Calculator

You can use the calculator below to obtain a price estimate for your new website. The price produced by this calculator relies on the accuracy of the information provided.

Standard Pages

Each of our websites come with a number of standard pages that are included as part of the Nexus CMS system. These include the home page, privacy policy, user login, user registration and forgotten password pages. You don't need to count these pages when providing the number of additional pages. Please also note that for an e-commerce website you don't have to count any product pages or the check-out pages. Our e-commerce websites come with unlimited product pages and the check-out pages are already included in the build cost of your website.

Online Calculator

What domain name you you like your website to use?
We can not guarantee that the domain name you enter here is available. If you already own the domain name we will configure this for you free of charge.

Do you want us to purchase a domain name for you?
If you don't own the current domain name we can register the domain name you have entered as long as this is available.

How graphical do you want your website to be?
The more graphical the website is the longer this will take to produce. Slide the marker below to adjust this setting.

Frequent use of graphics

How many interactive effects do you want included?
Having visual effects on the website helps to engage with visitors and brings the website alive. Adding effects to the site is time consuming so using the slider below please indicate the level of effects you would like your website to have.

Standard effects

How many additional pages will your website have?
Please read the standard pages section above before trying to work out the number of pages you want to have on your website. Only include pages not listed in the standard pages section as these are already included in the price.

Do you need our e-commerce software to sell your products on your website?
If you are planning on selling your products on your website you will need our e-commerce plugin.

Your Estimate

We can build your website for a one off amazing cost of . In addition to this your monthly hosting, service and support cost for your website would be which will give you complete peace of mind.

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