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  • Small business website?

    Our start-up website package and is ideal for individuals and businesses looking to establish a new looking website with a small budget.

  • Quick Website Estimate

    If you are looking for a quote to build and host your website the you should try our online website design calculator for a quick estimate.

  • Looking for a Printer?

    We offer a full range of professional printing services that offer great value for money while not compromising on quality or service.

  • Political party website?

    This package is available to local, regional and national political parties, members of parliament (MP’s), members of the Scottish parliament (MSP’s), parliamentary candidates, associations and many more.

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Our are hosted on cloud servers for no matter how busy your site is!

Website Maintenance

We offer a variety of website servicing packages which allow content updates and general maintenance to be carried out on your website. You provide the details of the changes you would like to be carried out and we will provide you with a time estimate for the work and a date the work will be completed.

Credits earned for referring potential new customers to Nexus Web Design can be redeemed against the cost of any of our website servicing packages.

There are two fixed term packages as well as a pay-as-you-go option.

Fixed Term Packages

Our fixed term packages offer the very best value for money for those who wish to have their website actively updated. These updates may include anything from special offers and promotions to advertising new services or items that become available. These savings amount to a minimum of £60 per year on our 6 month contract and an amazing £120 per year on our 12 month contract compared to our pay-as-you-go package based on 12 hours work carried out during the course of the year.

The fixed term packages allow you to specify the number of hours you want to invest in doing website updates each month. These updates can be things like adding special offers onto your website, changing the content on the pages that make up your website, search engine optimisation work and much more.

By taking a fixed term package you get the benefit of a discounted hourly rate for the work being carried out. Our 12 month fixed term contract has a fantastic value for money hourly rate of £25.00 per hour. The 6 month fixed term contract offers a very competitive hourly rate of £30.00 per hour.

Should you reach the end of any month without using the agreed amount of hours the remaining hours are carried over to the next month and will continue to be carried over until the hours are used working on your website or until the end of the contract.

If there are any hours remaining at the end of the fixed term contract these will be totalled up and a refund issued for 50% of the value.

Each month of the contract a summary will be provided detailing the work that has been completed on your website, the number of hours used doing this work and the details of any hours being carried over to the following month.

Payment for our fixed length contracts are made by standing order and last for the duration of the contract.

Pay-as-you-go Package

With our pay-as-you-go package there is no fixed term for work being carried out, instead you provide the details of the work you would like us to do allowing us to provide a time estimate, pricing quote and delivery date.

On acceptance of the quotation provided a 50% deposit has to be made before the work can begin.

While this package offers you the greatest flexibility with regards to having updates carried out on your website the hourly rate for this work is slightly higher at £35.00 per hour.